4 Crucial Plumbing Tools You Must Have In Your Home

4 Crucial Plumbing Tools You Must Have In Your Home

Plumbing tools can be essential for keeping your house running smoothly, but sometimes it’s more affordable just to buy the necessary tools at home. These essentials include a power drill, pliers, drain snake, adjustable pipe wrench, and tongue and groove pliers. You can find many of these tools at your local plumbing company in Dubai. Hopefully, these tools will be handy in your home and make your plumbing projects much easier.

Power drill:

A power drill is a powerful tool that is indispensable for most plumbers. This versatile tool drives a long cable through pipes, breaking up stubborn clogs. While it may not be essential, it can help you in various situations. Some plumbers even prefer a cable-driven drill, which they use when a larger power drill is unavailable. You can find several different models of these tools on the market, and they’re worth the money.

Tongue and groove pliers:

Among essential plumbing tools, tongue and groove pliers are a must-have. These pliers come with long handles that make it easy to reach nuts and bolts otherwise difficult to reach. They also have grooves and serrated edges that make them easy to grip and turn. There are many different types and styles of tongue and groove pliers available.

Adjustable pipe wrench:

If you’re planning to do some pipe work around your home, you may find it beneficial to invest in an adjustable pipe wrench. These tools are ideal for those tight spaces, as their jaws are designed with teeth that will not slip when working. They are often lightweight; some are cushioned to prevent user fatigue. They’re essential for every plumber, but you may also find them useful for average home users.

Drain snake:

A drain snake is a tool that will clear any clogged pipe. It is used for various jobs, from cleaning a sink or toilet to clearing a lawn irrigation system. A hand drill usually powers it but can also be powered mechanically. The snake is long and metal and has a cord that coils when not used. A snake auger is similar to a corkscrew or even a drill bit. Its cable is typically fifteen meters long and coils up when not in use. Once you need to clear a pipe, simply rotate the snake auger end and push it through the drain.